Sharilin Peters with Pack My Parents speaks on the importance of downsizing

August 21, 2018

As former software developer, Sharilin, was tired of the typical tech-grind and found her passion while helping her 85-year mother move to Texas.


The typical client is an elderly person in their late 80’s or early 90’s who is looking to transition to either hospice or smaller living area. Sharilin’s team does a brief questionnaire to see what’s "important" and what can be downsized. Pack My Parents helps the process along by coaching on which


things should be just let go of (think china, fancy silverware, etc.).


This is because the new generation simply does not want these items. And, because they don’t want it, it won’t sell for much. Basically, millennials, who are the main purchasers at estate sales, want something small –
jewelry, tools, and small take-aways, more than they want fancy dishware that can't be used in a microwave or ran through the dishwasher. Remember value is in the eye of the buyer! Need a fun way to gauge your kids' interest in your stuff? Try a Drink-&-Pick! Get a few bottles of wine and a couple of sticky note pads and have the family place a sticky notes on things they’re interested in. Multiple
people want the same item? Make it a bidding war! Not with money, but with time or gratitude.

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