Dr. Anne Light discusses OC Social Services Agency in Irvine

October 2, 2018

Dr. Light is from Boston Massachusetts where she studied genetic engineering before switching to OC Social Services Agency Serves 1 in 4 children are served throughout OC due to the extensive acceptance list of government programs (CalFresh, MediCal, IHSS, etc.) If there is an issue, call them. They take 2% of children away from the parents – the bulk of the work is servicing the family. Over the course of the year, OC experiences around 50,000 calls on the hotline and roughly 17% is substantiated, meaning that some type of action is needed and taken by OC Social Services.


The majority of the issues is through neglect (~72%) but both physical and sexual abuse are noted (~5% each).
The cause of distress is mostly due to the lack of resources compared to the need. Impact of maltreatment is with
medical, mental, and physical afflictions. The main cause is with what happens in the brain. The brain is basically just a muscle so the more you use a certain part of the brain,
the more it becomes “stronger”. In the case of child abuse, the constant maltreatment creates an adverse reaction in the amygdala part of the brain which is directly linked to the “fight or flight” mode of thinking.


This is further elaborated by the ACE structure - which stands for A C E, and serve as predictive model for issues. As these ACEs build in the individual, it physically affects the make-up of the brain. These can actually be seen on aCT scan of a healthy brain vs. an abused brain. For a healthy brain, there are several connections between the emotional and mental sides of the brain;whereas, in the abused brain, there is an obvious break between the amygdala and pre-frontal cortex where all the thinking is done. It was a fascinating, engaging, and well-rehearsed



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