Carol Inmon speaks on the new changes to voter registration for the school board election

September 18, 2018

Our own Carolyn Inmon was sharing the changes to the voting registrations for the upcoming school boards. Tustin began to do this and Irvine thought it was a pretty smart idea. Tustin had a 4-to-1 decision. This will be the biggest change on how TUSD does business. At-large versus district focused. CA voting rights act of 2001 was basically ignored once it was passed all until there was a Palmdale incident where the district tried to fight to maintain at-large elections but inevitably lost as it is already law.


This has caused any and all districts challenged by the voting limitations to simply change to the sub-district. Even though Irvine residents attend Tustin schools, the sharing of population between the cities is relatively equal. The voting aspect is not based on which school the student attends but more on where the voter resides. The basis
behind the shift to "areas" was due to at-large elections have limited access to the constituents. Others felt that the older areas had a different cultural make-up and limited access to their representative.


Diversity was another major issue as representatives did not reflect the community within the district. And finally, cost of running at-large elections is tremendous and the
sub-districting would allow for an easier time overcoming the barrier of entry to getting involved.

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